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If I wish to order a new machine, how long will it be until it is installed?

Our preferred machine supplier, N&W Global Vending have a lead time of two weeks. Once all documentation for the purchase, lease or rental has been completed, the order will be placed with our machine supplier. Once the equipment has arrived with us, we will set up and PDI to the agreed specification and book in the installation with you. Most machines are installed within 4 weeks of ordering with the machine supplier, but we must ensure all equipment that is installed is of quality and to your satisfaction. Please bear in mind that bespoke requirements with equipment may extend our lead time.

Why is N&W Global Vending your preferred machine supplier?

We have explored the market to identify the best quality equipment, serving the best quality products. Our service needs to be reliable and so N&W Global Vending tick the boxes needed to give us the confidence to offer our customers this equipment.

Can I ask whether you can also provide reconditioned equipment?

We do offer reconditioned equipment at competitive prices. Our service team prepare all equipment to the very highest quality to ensure equipment is as good as new when it leaves our depot. Please be aware that reconditioned equipment will not come with a manufacturer’s parts warranty and may add to the lead time indicated above. Reconditioned equipment will also be subject to our stock at the time.

Should I experience a technical fault with the vending machine, how long will it take for an engineer to respond?

Our average response time to “out of order” service calls, which is carefully monitored and controlled; is within 4 working hours. We endeavour to respond to all service requirements within 24 hours. In the unlikely event that you experience technical issues with our fully managed machines, we won’t leave you without a service for long!

How do you help to reduce scale in your hot drinks vending machines and in your hot drinks?

We fit water filterd to all of our vending machines. This is really important to prolong the life of the machine and its components and to provide great tasting, purified hot drinks. We change our filters at the frequency required by vend volume and geographical location, to which service requirements are created by our automated system. If you have bought a machine from elsewhere and do not have a filter, please contact us for information on supplying and fitting a water filter for you.

Can we buy, lease or rent vending machines from you and operate ourselves?

Yes. As vending specialists, we are well equipped with operating, servicing and maintaining machines for you. However, this isn’t right for everyone. For more information, please contact our sales team and we can tailor our services to suit your requirements. A large range of vending products and quality ingredients are available to purchase from us on a wholesale basis.

I want to offer free hot drinks from our vending machine. How does this work?

On a fully managed basis, our operating team will take meter readings on their regular visits. This will be reported back to our system in order to generate an accurate monthly invoice that will be emailed to you. We can also supply you with technology to offer hospitality drinks at intervals as your require.

How can I be sure my equipment will be operated to quality hygienic standards?

We are an accredited vending operator of the AVA (Automatic Vending Association), to which audit B & B Vending Ltd with a vending specific quality system. Machines are inspected to ensure the highest standard is met.