Premium coffee shop quality since 1968

We provide high quality refreshments in to the workplace using the best equipment and the best ingredients.

Committed to helping the environment

We understand that everyone has an impact on the environment and at B&B Vending we are committed to reducing this impact as much as possible.


We have implemented the following systems to minimise our environmental impact:

We use a lot of cups! It was vital that we chose an ethical cup supplier.

  • The company we chose was one of the first non-food factory to receive BRC A-grade accreditation.
  • All the paperboard used to manufacture our paper coffee cups comes from certified managed forestry resources
  • Full Chain of Custody certification, and comply with all parts of the EU Timber Regulations 995/2010
  • All paper cups each carry traceability codes, individually printed on the base
  • First European manufacturer to use water-based inks
  • 100% of all our factory waste is recycled
  • Members of the Sedex Social Accountability audit.


All recyclable waste is sorted and then collected by a professional refuse management company. All cardboard and paper is recycled and reused. Paper cups are biodegradable and 100% recyclable.


At B&B Vending we know how important it is to know where our products come from. We are proud to use a range of UTZ ( and Fairtrade ( products.

Energy efficient

The vending machines we use are energy efficient and can be programmed to shut down out of office hours for example, or go in to sleep mode if not used for a period of time. We can tailor the programming to suit your needs.

Check out the video below


All B&B Vending vehicles are tracked for both security and efficiency. We utilise a modern fleet of efficient vans and routes are calculated to reduce mileage and CO2 emissions.

All aspects of how the vehicle is driven are automatically monitored including speed limiting to further reduce emissions and fuel use.

We have also reduced the number of suppliers we use to get our products delivered in as fewer loads as possible. This reduced the number of lorries delivering to us considerably helping to reduce Co2 impact.

Commitment to healthy eating

We understand we have a responsibility to provide a healthier option. We now offer healthier options in our snack machines and have made great progress in offering a large selection of sugar free alternatives on cold drinks. This sugar free selection is continuing to improve as manufacturers continue to release sugar free options. We have also increased the amount of water available in our machines to promote healthy hydration. B&B Vending promote working closely with our customer to decide on the range of products right for their business.

Machine & fridge disposal

When a machine comes to the end of its life we ensure it is ethically disposed of using a WEEE accredited company.